Quality Management System

We at Balisana Isabgol are committed to produce:

  • Safe and Quality Psyllium husk, husk Powder & Seed powder product under the highest level of sanitation.
  • Housekeeping by a strong Coordinated & Cohesive teamwork.
  • Deliver the products to the satisfaction of customers, on time, every time.
  • Strive continuously to improve upon by enhancing workmen skills and meeting food safety standards.
  • Complying salutatory and regulatory food safety Requirements.
  • An uncompromising attitude towards ensuring A-grade in our products has made us a trademark entity among our customers and peers.

Quality Objectives:

To achieve the desired quality of the product the quality objectives are:

  • To manufacture the product remembering the requirements of customer and society.
  • To achieve the quality with Good Manufacturing and Laboratory.
  • Practices as well as effective implementation of Food Safety management System.
  • To maintain the work place and environment neat and clean.
  • To apply the corrective changes for implementing the system.

Responsibility of QA:

  • To authorize the written procedures and other documents including amendments.
  • To follow the current Good Laboratory practices.
  • To monitoring the compliance of the quality of product with GMP & FSMS requirements.
  • Rejection / monitoring and approvals of supplier’s materials.
  • Rejection / monitoring and approvals of manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Inspect and analyze the received materials and manufactured goods as per written specifications and STPs.
  • Validation of CCP, OPRP & PRPs and calibration of measuring instruments and devices.
  • Maintain the Hygienic condition in work place and laboratory areas.
  • Control of Documentation and records.
  • Authority to release the finish Product.
  • Market Complaint Investigation.
  • Initiate the Product Recall.
  • Inspection and records of control samples.
  • Training and records of control samples.
  • Training of Quality Control personnel according to need.
  • Take corrective and preventive action in favour of quality of the products and received materials.
  • Monitoring and signing on BPR and PDR.
  • Check the Line clearance.